# Saturday, 10 November 2007

Vor kurzem habe ich erst über die finale Version von Paint.NET v3.10 gebloggt, seit gestern steht eine neue Version zum Download zur Verfügung: Paint.NET v3.20

This release adds many enhancements and tweaks to the built-in effects, a re-organized Effects menu, a new and much easier system for effect and adjustment plugin development, better error handling for plugins, and the ability to draw Fixed Ratio and Fixed Size selections with the Rectangle Select tool. It also includes the typical list of tweaks and fixes.

Diese Version bringt viele Verbesserungen aber auch Neuigkeiten mit sich, eine Installation ist nur zu empfehlen!

Was ist neu?

  • Note: New features will be displayed in English through the Alpha and Beta release(s). The final release will include full translations for the other supported languages.
  • New: Ability to do 'Fixed Size' and 'Fixed Ratio' selection drawing with the Rectangle Select tool
  • New: Added selection 'combine mode' (replace, add, subtract, xor) to the toolbar. This makes this feature much more discoverable.
  • New: Added magic wand / paint bucket 'flood mode' (contiguous, global) to the toolbar. This makes this feature much more discoverable.
  • New: Mandelbrot and Julia fractal render effects.
  • New: Implemented new property and UI systems that makes it much easier to develop effect plugins. Authors may now specify properties with default, min, and max values and the UI for this will be dynamically generated. (instead of the author having to spend hours writing WinForms code)
  • New: Better error handling for plugin effects. They will no longer crash Paint.NET, and will provide easier access to the diagnostic and support information.
  • New: If a plugin fails to load, then a "View Plugin Load Errors" item will be added to the File menu.
  • New: Added 'Coverage' property to the Add Noise effect.
  • New: Added 'Center' (offset) property to Radial Blur, Zoom Blur, Bulge, and Twist effects. This allows you to set the center of rendering, complete with an image underlay preview.
  • New: Added ability to do counter-clockwise rotation in the Twist effect. Also added ability to change the size of the twisted area in the Twist effect.
  • Changed: In Frosted Glass effect, the performance was highly optimized. Increased max radius to 200 (instead of 10), and added 'minimum scatter radius' and 'smoothness' properties.
  • Changed: Enhanced all built-in effects and adjustments (except for Layers, Curves, and Rotate/Zoom) to use the new effect UI system.
  • Changed: Reorganized Effects menu into categories: Artistic, Blurs, Distort, Noise, Photo, Render, Stylize.
  • Changed: Command link buttons now look better in Windows Vista.
  • Changed: Moved 'Median' from the Blurs menu to the Noise menu.
  • Changed: Rendering for the 'angle chooser' control is nicer now.
  • Fixed: Header label flickering in some parts of the UI.
  • Fixed: Some window activation issues with the Save Configuration Dialog if you switched to another program and back while it was open.
  • Fixed: Some buttons and checkboxes were not honoring the theme animations in Windows Vista.
  • New: Added text to installer to remind people that Paint.NET is free of charge, and if they paid for it (other than to donate), then they should ask for a refund (e.g. eBay swindlers).

Download: Alpha released, Paint.NET v3.20


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