# Friday, 27 April 2007

The Visual Basic team has put together a "Live from Redmond" webcast series (the fourth series) aimed at the next version of Visual Basic and Visual Studio code named "Orcas". The live series starts in April and will continue to the end of May.

About the Live From Redmond series:
This series of Live Meeting presentations are designed specifically for the community by members of the Microsoft product teams. The presentations are all done by actual team members working on the specific technology, and are a great way to hear from and ask your questions directly to the product team.


Date Speaker Link
24.04.2007 18:00 John Stallo VB9 – Orcas Overview - [Live From Redmond]
02.05.2007 18:00 Young Joo VB9 – LINQ to SQL & O/R Designer Deep Dive - [Live From Redmond]
09.05.2007 18:00 Young Joo VB9 – Building N-Tier Applications - [Live From Redmond]
16.05.2007 18:00 Milind Lele VB9 – Offline Data Caching - [Live From Redmond]
23.05.2007 18:00 Amanda Silver VB9 – Deep Dive into LinQ - [Live From Redmond]
30.05.2007 18:00 John Stallo VB9 – Building Service-Oriented Applications with WCF - [Live From Redmond]
06.06.2007 18:00 Jonathan Aneja Using the Interop Toolkit to Migrate your VB6 Applications to .NET - [Live From Redmond]
13.06.2007 18:00 Lisa Feigenbaum VB9 – LINQ Best Practices - [Live From Redmond]

In German:
Live From Redmond Webcast-serie: Microsoft Mitarbeiter und Entwickler stehen Rede und Antwort! In diversen Webcasts können also Fragen zu verschiedenen Themen gestellt werden, Ideen besprochen werden und interessante Neuigkeiten in Erfahrung gebracht werden.

Please see all the other Live Series Live from Redmond.

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