# Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Ob man nun Groove mag oder nicht (<-- ohne Kommentar), auf MSDN Online finden sich tatsächlich interessante Artikel für Entwickler rund um das Thema Groove.
Drei Highlights, zwei MSDN Artikel:

  • Impact of Groove on a Network
    This paper presents information about how Groove communicates on the network, provides some best practices for running Groove on your network, and introduces some basic communication troubleshooting steps.
  • Preparing Microsoft Office InfoPath Templates to use in Groove 2007
    Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 includes a variety of form template samples. You can use any one of these sample templates as the basis for a Groove InfoPath Forms tool. You can add your own customization, or use them without making any design or layout changes. You can also create a new form template in InfoPath starting with a blank form, customizing it in InfoPath, and then importing the newly-created template into Microsoft Office Groove 2007.
  • Optimizing Groove Forms Tool Performance
    The Microsoft Office Groove 2007 Forms Tool and the Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 Forms Tool are customizable and programmable general-purpose tools. If you are developing a complex solution that handles many documents, you must understand the performance effect of your design decisions. In general, Groove 2007 Forms tools and InfoPath Forms tools have the similar performance tradeoffs.
    Thanks to SteveF, JoshG, MollyY and others on the Groove product team for contributing their expertise to these materials.


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