# Wednesday, 06 April 2016

It is my pleasure to announce the first version of our “Visual Studio Code - Tips and Tricks Vol. 1” eBook.

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a free open source code editor for developing and debugging modern cloud and web applications and is available for free on Linux, OS X and Windows. The environment can flexibly be enriched through the use of Extensions that remain independent from the underlying operating system. VS Code genuinely qualifies as the perfect addition to the preferred development tools.

This eBook was written in March and released to the public early in April 2016. The development team of VS Code is enhancing and extending Visual Studio Code day by day and upgrading existing installations on a monthly basis. Even for an eBook, it’s hard to keep pace with that. That’s why, based on your feedback, we are planning to transfer this book to GitHub, so that you, our valuable readers, can contribute to existing and new tips for Visual Studio Code. Please tell us what you think.
If you’re a Mac or a Linux user, we would also like to bring to your attention that this book has been written based on Windows and its key bindings. Kindly find all keyboard shortcuts for your operating system at https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/customization/keybindings

Download for free:

  • Deutsche Version: Lader Dir das E-Book auf http://aka.ms/VSCodeTippsTricks herunter
    Tobias Kahlert und ich gehören seit der ersten Stunde zu den täglichen Anwendern von Visual Studio Code. In diesem Tipps & Tricks E-Book haben wir mehr als 30 Tipps zusammengestellt und ausführlich erklärt. Von unseren Lieblings-Tastenkombinationen, Tipps zum Konfigurieren, Kommandozeilenparametern bis zum Umstellen der Oberflächensprache, findet man dutzende Tipps und Tricks in diesem kostenfreien E-Book.
  • Englisch version: You can find the eBook on http://aka.ms/VSCodeTipsTricks
    Tobias Kahlert and Kay Giza have been using Visual Studio Code since the very beginning. In this tips & tricks eBook, we collected more than 30 tips and explain them in great detail. Starting from our favorite keyboard shortcuts, configuration tips, command line parameters to changing the language of the interface of VS Code, you can find dozens of tips and tricks in this free eBook.

Many thanks and kudos to Erich Gamma, who not only wrote the preface. Thank you very much for your ongoing help and our conversations in general and especially for your support regarding this eBook, Erich!

Happy coding!
Tobias Kahlert and Kay Giza

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Visual Studio Code - ein kostenloser Code-Editor für  Linux, OSX und Windows - jetzt ausprobieren