# Saturday, 21 October 2006

In ScottGu's Blog stand es seit gestern: ASP.NET AJAX Beta now live @ http://ajax.asp.net

D.h. was ist dort nun neu:

1) An update to http://www.asp.net/de/ and http://ajax.asp.net/ to support the release

2) A comprehensive whitepaper detailing changes between the CTP’s and Beta

3) A simple to follow migration guide to help developers

4) Updated documentation

5) A revised ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit

6) And much, much more :)

This release is composed of three parts:

1) The Beta of the soon to be fully-supported ‘core’ ASP.NET AJAX functionality

2) A new CTP of additional functionality that runs on top of the Beta ‘core’

3) A new ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit that runs on top of the Beta ‘core’ and new CTP

Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.

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