# Saturday, 02 June 2007

Über Paint.NET habe ich ja hier im Blog schon ein paar Mal berichtet (1,2,3).
Heute Nacht ist die neuste Version des kostenlosen Grafikprogramms in der Version 3.08 erschienen.

Paint.NETPaint.NET [Freeware] wurde von der Washington State University mit Hilfe und Unterstützung von Microsoft entwickelt, mit derzeit 138.000 Zeilen C# Code geschrieben. Paint.NET steht ab sofort in der Version 3.08 (Released: June 1st, 2007 ) zum kostenfreien Download bereit.

This is mostly a service release that fixes some bugs, while also improving keyboard / accessibility cues for some dialogs.

  • Fixed: Pasting an image from Office 2003 applications now works (e.g. Excel 2003 graphs).
  • Fixed: Some dialogs were not indicating which command button was the default. These buttons now have a highlight to indicate which one will be activated if the user presses Enter or Space.
  • Fixed: Some minor keyboard navigation issues with task dialogs
  • Fixed: Performance issue with the File->Acquire submenu taking a long time to appear
  • Fixed: Window activation issue when the Print wizard was finished / closed
  • Fixed: Crash when there was 1 image open and the user pressed Ctrl+Q and then Ctrl+W
  • Fixed: Minor performance issue if the user had 1 modified image open and then canceled the "Save changes?" dialog
  • Fixed: Misbehaving filetype factory implementations (plugins) will no longer cause a crash

Download: http://www.getpaint.net/download.html#Download

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