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Kay Giza
Kay Giza

About Kay
I am super passionate about technology and working on leading edge technologies. I am results driven professional with >15 years of software industry experience, with a successful track record in the whole marketing mix and program management. I am a Microsoft employee and currently a Senior Global Program Manager (PM) within the Commercial Softwarte Engineering Group (CSE) at Microsoft Corp., previously e.g. active as Senior Marketing Manager, Audience Evangelism Manager or Account Engagement Manager. I am always interested in talking to you to learn and understand how we can better help you as an innovative customer and how we can empower you to achieve more.

CSE is a global engineering organization that sits outside of the Microsoft product teams and worksdirectly with customers looking to leverage the latest features and services offered by Microsoft. I am part of a global PM team. We are focusing on driving innovation through '#codewith' projects. Our engineers code with customers development teams to jointly solve technical problems or uncover opportunities, while helping the developers upskill and learn to carry the projects forward to complete a production-ready solution. My focus is on strategic and innovative customers worldwide.

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Sie erreichen Kay u.a. über folgende E-Mail-Adresse: GizaBlog (at) microsoft.com oder über seinen Weblog unter http://www.giza-blog.de/

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Kay Giza freut sich zwar über die Schreibweise seines Vornamen, möchte aber dennoch darauf hinweisen: Kay oder Key - wer ist hier der Product Key ;-)

Visual Studio schmeckt unfassbar gut :-) wer etwas vom Kuchen abhaben möchte: https://www.visualstudio.com/de-de/ :-)
Visual Studio Cake

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